It’s always such fun to paint up and become someone or something for a special event. Blue Squid’s range of face and body paint are sure ways to create a whole new you!

Get some great ideas on how to transform yourself into animals, superheroes, princesses etc.

The possibilities are endless.

Follow these simple step-by-step instructions and you’ll be amazed to discover how simple face and body painting can be.

We have also put together a couple of downloadable PDF's to help you get ready for your your face painting masterpieces.

Download Hints 'n' Tips PDF and Face Painting Guide.


The art of makeup requires concentration. You need to be calm and have a can do attitude with oodles of patience, especially for adding the finer detail.

Look in the mirror and study your face and expression. Do your lips show joy or sadness? Your eyebrows are expressive, they can show determination, puzzlement or questioning!

Always chose safe hypoallergenic paints such as Blue Squid’s to avoid allergic reaction. Always perform a simple skin patch test first.

Brushes should be soft and not scratchy on the skin. You will need at least two brushes; broad brush and a fine brush plus a few high-density sponge.

Have a container for water to wash your brushes in and change the water frequently. A few other handy simple items such as tissues, cotton buds, baby wipes and sponges will make your job easier.

Use the sponge for ears, nose and background colours. Use the brushes for the detail.


Children’s safety is really important to us. So make sure you follow these simple steps:

- It’s always a good idea to firstly sketch your ideas before you start on a face 

- Our face paints are not suitable for under threes due to the small chocking parts

- Always use under adult supervision

- Do not apply to broken or infected skinTake care around eyes or mouth

- Do a small skin patch test prior to use 


With the wonder of makeup you can become any character you can imagine. Look at the world around you for ideas and just add your own imagination and creativity to come up with an amazing design.

Holidays, birthdays and other special events give wonderful excuses for painting up.


Transform your face into a scary monster or a cute animal.   But why not surprise your friends and family by turning your face into a beautiful landscape or an extension of your favourite t-shirt or dress!


At Blue Squid we offer superb safe to use face and body paint colors.  We recommend you start with simple techniques and materials, which will give you great results as you develop your skills.

Water based paints are the easiest to use and can be applied directly to the face as long as you don’t have any greasy cream on your face that would repel it.  Water based paints are easy to use, kind to the skin and can be removed with no fuss using gentle soap and warm water.

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